Helium Balloon Disposable Tank KIT - 1ct

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Quick Overview

  • Disposable Helium Tank

  • Can Blow up-to 50 Balloons (Depends on size)

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Helium Balloon Tank Kits come with 16 cubic helium that give you the convenience of a portable, disposable helium tank.
Approximately Enough Helium For:

  • 9" Latex balloon can blow up to 50pcs
  • 12" Latex balloon can blow up to 26pcs
  • 18" Foil balloon can blow up to 20pcs
  • Mix and match balloons to make fun party decorations and balloon bouquets.
  • Safely and easily fill helium balloons with a cylinder by following the instructions below. Our easy-fill nozzle makes it convenient and fun to have helium-filled balloons for any occasion.
  • As with any consumer product, please familiarize yourself with the important safety warnings prior to use.

To fill balloons:

  • Turn handle counter-clockwise to open valve.
  • Slip balloon neck onto black nozzle until neck fits tightly.
  • Hold balloon neck firmly between thumb and forefinger at the widest part of the nozzle. Press nozzle down gently to inflate.
  • Fill balloon to desired size.
  • Release thumb pressure on nozzle to stop inflation.
  • After inflating latex balloons, pinch balloon tightly at base of balloon neck and remove from nozzle. For foil balloons, simply remove from nozzle after inflation, as foil balloons are self-sealing.
  • To assure maximum float time, tie a tight knot in the neck of the latex balloon. Foil balloons do not require a knot.
  • Attach ribbon of desired length below the knot on latex balloons or the lower neck area of foil balloons.

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